Thursday, October 24, 2019

Woman of the Week - Yokiana Daniels

E  E  T     Y  O  K  I  A  N  A 

YoYokiana is the digital curation of the Styleswithchild lifestyle, Founded in 2012 when she worked as a stylist, and wardrobe buyer in the television and film industry.  

Her style tips not only reinforce positive self image but her ability to curate within any budget or lifestyle allows for her to service a diverse group of consumers.

  I understand the challenges that come with being mother, wife, or ceo and seek to empower women to invest in a sisterhood that is inspired by style, grace, and humor. -YY

Yokiana has recently collaborated and designed her very own collection for ComiART which is an affordable way to bring unique art that you can wear and also decorate your home, AS SEEN BELOW

You can shop her collection by visiting

"Grit: Courage and resolve; Strength of character. A girl's life is determined by the choices she makes in response to navigating the masculine and feminine energies surrounding her. A graceful Journey develops #grit and a #girl needs to be #empowered to embrace both." -YY 

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