Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Year, Same Mission —> Check out our new campaign and see how you can support!

It’s been 1 year since our Supporter’s Choice Awards Gala in Central Arkansas✨Thanks to your support we were able to honor (8) hardworking women & provide funding grants/award (2) for entrepreneur & professional of the year. 

This year due to the pandemic we launched the Supporter’s Choice Grant Campaign in place of the gala to still honor our mission in giving back to the women in the  Central Arkansas community. Providing grants for (4) recipients through support & donations from our non profit & their supporters.

Want to donate, apply, or sponsor? Visit capobellainc.com/scag

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Woman of the Week - Erica Yancy


🍥Meet Erica Yancy🍥

Pastry Expert, Meal Prep and Event Catering Specialist 

Owner of Consume & Confess  Erica Yancy is a mogul on the rise. This new mommy balances life with her one year old son, a full time position and entrepreneurship with ease. Her love for food started at a young age and carried to her adult years with her current full-time position. With the skills she's been able to gain in the workforce, Ms Yancy wanted to branch out on her own!! 

Valuing the needs of her customers, Erica takes pride in personalizing each pastry. Her first priority is ensuring that her desserts bring joy to each and every individual she has the pleasure to create for!! Recently Consume and Confess has began a new sector and offering meal prep with clean eating options. Because of her personal love for fitness, she wanted to provide an opportunity to others with her added touch of deliciousness!! 

🍥Keep up with this beauty🍥

🍥Instagram @consume_confess

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Woman of The Week: Ashley Banks

M E E T    A S H L E Y    B A N K S 

Cancer Researcher. Published Author. Owner & Founder of Naturally Mary holistic & herbal health company. 

After graduating college in 2018 with her B.S in the neuroscience concentration, Ashley then became a cancer researcher for Emory Hospital in Atlanta, GA. Inspired by her late mother's cancer story she then created a holistic health and herbal company "Naturally Mary". All products are 100% vegan and essential oil infused remedies which are alternative care that can prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind/body. 

Through her journey with clinical cancer research and experience with her mother battling cancer in her early childhood, Ashley wrote a children's book titled "I Love You Forever" which is dedicated to young children like herself who learn to cope and grow after seeing their mothers battle cancer. 

To learn more about Ashley, her business, and her book please visit gonaturallymary.com

Breaking News Capo Bella Fam! We're Now Official Brand Ambassadors For Mulah Cosmetics! 

Capo bella Inc has partnered with Mulah Cosmetics as official brand ambassadors! 

Mulah Cosmetics founded in 2013 by Tina Dixson is a labor of love company that uses vegetable and plant based butters, natural oils, and paraben free products. 

Mulah Cosmetics encourages every woman to love yourself first, know that you are a queen and embrace it. 

Visit shopmulah.com and use discount code: Capobella for 15% off your lip kit "Boss babe" or "Venom" velvet matte lip! 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

#Womanoftheweek - Krista Long

💞Meet Krista Long💞

                            CEO and Lead Event Planner of Krista's Event Koncepts LLC 

Krista began her business journey in 2013, she has a national certification in event planning and event design. She knew from her a young age that she would have a creative path with her knack for artistry and style. Krista specializes in all event types from weddings to corporate events! With every event she creates an experience for each client customizing the event and exceeding their expectations. 

Within her first year in business, Krista grossed 30k in revenue and was awarded by the CEO of Thumbtack as the Atlanta's Best of 2015 Birthday Party Planners. This mogul continues to nurture her business each year developing her keen niche and expanding her business in many sectors. 

      Keep up with this queen by following her here:  
        💞 @kristaseventkoncepts 💞 kristaseventskoncepts.com

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Woman of the Week - Anjellica Sharpe

Meet Anjellica Sharpe <3

Diabetes Educator. 
CEO of Heeling Diabetes Inc. 

"Heeling Diabetes, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides diabetics with a healthy & comfortable lifestyle, offering financial assistance for medication they cannot afford."

"Founded in October of 2013, Anjellica Sharpe had the vision of helping diabetics maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, while a cure is being found. Hearing fellow diabetes advocates express their journey, a fire ignited in Anjellica to help make a difference. The mission is to Heal, Empower and Educate the life of those affected with diabetes."
"Anjellica was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 16 and ever since, wanted to make a difference in others. She grew up watching her grandmother give herself insulin shots, not knowing that would be her reality. Like many diabetics, Anjellica was struggling with paying for the medication she needed to stay alive; insulin.  It was at that point she decided to do something about it and start her own non-profit organization, to assist diabetics financially with their medication. Anjellica is a diabetes consultant for the Curing in Heels Program. Her purpose is to make a difference in the lives of those affected with this disease within her community. "

To learn more about her organization HEELing Diabetes Inc. be sure to visit heelingdiabetes.com !

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