Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New Partnership Alert!

Capo Bella Inc. recently had the opportunity of becoming a founding partner of Creative Freedom Co! (Founded by: Creative director and freedom strategist, Elaya Walker) We can't wait to embark on this journey with "creators of a more inclusive and connected world!" 


Each and every person on this planet has the power to free themselves by being the authentically creative person they are. You are poets, teachers, visionary, gurus, artists, actors, writers, photographers, and the lists goes on and on.

CFC feels as though the society thrives on drama, which is not bad in itself. The issue arises that it thrives on Negative drama. We want to change that. We envision a world that has recycled it's negative trash as positive energy. But we don't just see it, we are taking the action to develop that.

We highlight the Creators and innovators of our world while also dropping bits of gems and knowledge along the way but knowledge only turns into wisdom when you use it.  We only grow and move farther together. Instead of advancing by putting others down, let's succeed by aiding brilliant minds, sharing ideas, and expanding the possibilities of our future.
Let's not limit our mindsets, rather let's help one another and give breath to all ideas. Let's put all the true cards on the table, create a healthy challenge/competition, give each other a fair run for any opportunity, and Earn the title knowing that no rock was left unturned on the way.

So what does Freedom mean to you?

For me, Freedom is a State of Mind. It's how you live your day-to-day.

If you're here, you're finally ready to create habits of success, work in your purpose, and learn how to set the foundation for your creative success.

Just remember that you are bringing whatever you imagine and dream to you everyday.

And if you need help that's what I'm here for.

Elaya Walker
Creative Director, Freedom Strategist


Essence of Beauty Summer Mentorship Program Kicks Off June 3rd!

Our Co-founder, Anashia Tolliver will be instructing the Essence of Beauty Summer Mentorship Program fashion class “Dress for Success” beginning June 3rd! — Registration is still open for the mentorship program until June 1st if you are interested in registering your child today! Contact @essenceofbeauty2018 for registration details 💕 #SaveOurGirls

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Chronicles of HER: Social Event

"The Chronicles of HER” Social Event will be held June 10th from 6p-8p at the Center for Love and Light. This event will be a mix and mingle to introduce our community to our new exclusive event venue and our many partners! Also while everyone is mingling there will be a live newsletter on the projector showcasing: promotion material for Capo Bella Inc., partners, and also the overview for our monthly summits starting in July.

 The Social Event will be a ticketed entry which will include: 

  • Wine tasting from Boisset Collection
  • Complimentary dinner bites provided by Chef Shay
  • Music playlist
  • Raffle of gifts
  • Open suggestions and ideas for Chronicles of HER summit
  • Tour of new venue