Thursday, November 21, 2019

Woman of the Week- Alasia Ballard

💋Meet Alasia Ballard

⇒ Model, America's Next Top Model Alumni (cycle 14), beauty influencer and mom. What can't this super-woman do. At the young age of 18 years old, Alasia left her Marietta home to pursue her passion for modeling with one of the biggest modeling empires: America's Next Top Model. 

⇒ Alasia's remarkable performance caught the eye of world renown supermodel, Tyra Banks, and she quickly made a mark on the show!! Til this day many are still in awe from Alasia's unforgettable season on the show

⇒ Alasia has built a brand from her start with America's Next Top Model and embraced a full-time modeling career. The model has had the opportunity to partner with brands such as: First Verse Apparel, Design Essentials, Mulah Cosmetics, The Glamatory and more! 

⇒ Along with building her brand, Alasia influences young models by publicly speaking and sharing her experiences in the industry. This past October, Alasia was a panelist for The Chronicles of HER: Bring Your Own Laptop, and will be creating a signature workshop of her own for 2020!! 

💋 Keep up with this queen to learn more or to contact regarding brand ambassadorship
IG:  @iamalasia

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