Wednesday, December 27, 2017

5 Tips For Approaching The New Year

Well, 2018 is RIGHT around the corner! We want to make sure we ALL are going into the New Year with a clear mind and more elevated thoughts when it comes to progression with our journeys. Here are some tips to keep in mind for 2018: 

  • Stay organized - Keep an everyday journal or planner with you at ALL times (digital or physical) to stay on track with your day-to-day tasks/appointments, short-term/long-term goals, and idea logging. 
  • Get informed - Whether it be reading more books, staying up-to-date on the latest business news via articles, workshops, seminars, or attending networking mixers etc. GET INFORMED! Knowledge is power.
  • Build your TEAM - As much as we want to do it all on our own it can get tedious at times. Reach out to your inner business circle for experienced, quality assistance with services and resources that you need.
  • Set expectations - Be loud and clear on everything you expect in your future partnerships to avoid communication barriers down the road. 
  • REMAIN POSITIVE - A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes! 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

#WomanOfTheWeek Chef Shay

Meet Chef Shay! 

 Food blogger, Lifestyle Foodie, Exceptional Chef,Divine Kuizine Spice and Sauce line owner


Chef Shay has been cooking since the age of 2 years old, helping her grandmother in the kitchen with cooking cakes, pies and more! Chef Shay’s cooking style ranges from southern classics such as: fried chicken, collards, pound cakes and cornbread. To traditional New Orleans food such as: gumbo, beignets, po boys, and even Caribbean food: oxtails, goat, conch and more!

Residing in Atlanta, Chef Shay is around town in your local farmers markets with cooking demonstrations, taking us on her food journey experience through her YouTube channel, and even teaming up with other prominent black chefs using their expertise for a greater cause!

The first annual Taste and Tell Expo featured chefs from all over creating delicious meals to help benefit the Mental Health of America Georgia. Chef Shay will continue to use her gift to place smiles on those who taste her exquisite meals and giving back any way she can!


Check out to learn more about Chef Shay and purchase her products!!

Expresso Culture Presents: Headwraps and Henna

Espresso Culture is the creative voice that empowers, educates and celebrates the black community through hair, art and fashion.
This is a FREE EVENT!!

Hosted at the: Luxor Couture Atlanta, GA. For more information follow @expressoculture10 on IG



#2018 We’ll be bringing in the New Year with our community partner Be Naturally Successful for the end of year networking event/mixer party for entrepreneurs where our co-founder @porchalive will be one of the special guests for the round table discussion! What’s your empowerment message for 2018? 
• Visit for RSVP ticket info!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Become A Member With Our Community Partner, Be Naturally Successful!

Guess what? Our community partner Be Naturally Successful Memberships are available with a one-time donation of any amount! It can be $1.00 or $100.00! It doesn't matter. Become a Member and take advantage of the freebies, promotions and discounts offered by our other Community Partners including Capo Bella’s 15% discounts to ALL of our events! Visit to view the details of this incredible offer and sign up today.


Runway At The Symphony

This weekend!!! It's going down!!!
 Our community partner Be Naturally Successful is happy to announce our partnership with The Orchestra Noir. We will be volunteering to make runway at the symphony a memorable event. Get your tickets now at Ticketmaster. November 25 @ Center Stage, 8:00pm 


Meet Natalie Y. Weavers. Natalie is the Founder and President of the Angels of Epilepsy 501c3 Non Profit Organzation.

"Natalie Y. Beavers was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, who is a proud and dedicated mother to her two sons. Due to her several experiences dealing with this neurological condition and interacting with survivors, it encouraged her to start the Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation in 2008. Natalie is a true advocate for disability rights and a mentor to many survivors and their families around the world."

Capo Bella Inc. had the pleasure of sponsoring at the 9th Annual Angels of Epilepsy charity event and we couldn't have been more honored to work and advocate such an amazing cause alongside such an amazing woman.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Angels of Epilepsy 9th Annual Celebration

November is epilepsy awareness month! For those who are not familiar with the disorder it is the fourth most common neurological disorder that affects people of all ages.

Angels Of Epilepsy is a foundation and advocacy outside of Atlanta, GA. Natalie Y. Beavers is the founder of this organization who is also an epilepsy survivor and advocate. AOE supports, advocates, and inspires many around the world living with epilepsy-seizures. 

Capo Bella Inc. chooses to stand with AOE and advocate the cause and raise awareness.

Come out to the 9th Annual Celebration of the Angels Of Epilepsy event Saturday November 4th to support this amazing cause. There will be live panelists discussing their personal stories on dealing with the disorder, purple balloon release, information, entertainment, food, raffle gifts, and more!

To purchase tickets to this wonderful cause visit Angels of Epilepsy Tickets and to learn more about the AOE foundation visit

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Book Capo Bella Inc. To Host or Sponsor YOUR Next Event!

Have a brand, product, fundraiser, business, seminar, class (or other) that you would like Capo Bella Inc. to host or sponsor? Contact us TODAY so we can assist you! 

IG: @CapoBellaInc

Dedicated to women's empowerment, entrepreneurship, building resources, and furthering education. 

Recap From The Official Taste And Tell Expo!

Capo Bella Inc. wants to send a special shoutout to Chef Shay, Chef J Ponder, and the Mental Health America of Georgia organization for an amazing Taste And Tell Expo outcome and for having Capo Bella Inc. host your red carpet!

We enjoyed the demos and samples from ALL of the amazing chefs and brand owners, just to name a few: Chef Tea Inc, Cook It Up A Notch youth owner Ashalah Michelle, Chef Fab, Chef Millie, Author Ashleigh Guice and MORE! Not only did we experience great demos and samples, but we also got to receive some insightful stories and information during the Mental Health America of Georgia segment. We will continue to push positive messages in the community and mental health awareness. Taking care of Y.O.U first! 

Thank you to everyone who made this a huge success alongside Capo Bella Inc. and Chef Shay.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Meet Woman Of The Week, Christel Morgan-West

Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, T.R.U.E. Self activist, and MORE! Christel Morgan-West from Detroit, Michigan all the way to Little Rock, Arkansas makes her mark by Teaching, Restoring, Understanding, and Establishing Self!

Hear her story and learn more via

"As a young teenager and single mother, I looked for love in all the wrong places. I lost my identity and covered up because of fear and shame. When I realized that I was keeping the pain in by, covering up I made a conscious decision to be naked and not ashamed (transparent). I thought my past defined me but now I know and have and understanding that it was all apart of my history. We revisit history for answers and I can’t lead you to your true self if I don’t study the history and learn myself. There is so much that I didn’t know about myself but I wanted to know. So I willingly  took the journey for you and I , the one that’s not so favorable and I faced my fears one by one each time liberating myself from the invincible chains that I created within my mind that held me captive . Freedom is a choice and I made the choice to not only be free but for everyone connected to me to be free as well. My life journey and the struggles I’ve seen has inspired me to continue being naked and not ashamed because only then will I be able to be my TRUE SELF and Uncover the Treasure Within, and lead you to do the same!" -Christel Morgan-West

A Reminder To Purchase Your Tickets For THIS Week's Taste And Tell Expo!

Catch Capo Bella Inc. sponsoring the official Taste and Tell Expo in Atlanta, Georgia alongside celebrity Chef Ponder "Two time winner contestant on Food Network" and Chef Shay, owner of Divine Kuizine ,Inc. who will be hosting the first annual Taste and Tell Expo event Saturday, October 21st, 2017. This event is to bring awareness to living a healthy life style which in return helps your mental health. 
*A percentage of the proceeds will go to benefit the Mental Health America of Georgia*

What To Expect : Cooking Demos, Food Tastings, Education from Fitness Experts, Nutritionists, Life style Coaches and Mental Health issues. Live Music and Cocktails. An atmosphere for family and friends! To RSVP visit eventbrite to purchase your tickets today! - Eventbrite: Taste And Tell Expo 

For for information please contact

Atlanta Natural Hair Care Pop-Up Recap!

Thank you to our partners over at Be Naturally Successful and Atlanta Natural Hair Professionals. We appreciate the time and gratitude from everyone!!

See some photos below from our "Self Care And Organization" workshop at the Atlanta Natural Hair Care Pop-Up!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Capo Bella Inc. teams up with Essence of Beauty NPO for the "Save Our Girls" Mentoring Program

Introducing the Essence of Beauty & Life Training Mentoring Program for young girls! #SaveOurGirls | Our mission is to promote and amplify the unique traits that make our young girls special! Young ladies ages 9-16 should join us for lesion including but not limited to: Etiquette, financial literacy, technical dance, fashion, and more!
 Email: for participation info and registration.

Atlanta Natural Hair Pop-Up Salon

Atlanta and surrounding cities!!! Join Be Naturally Successful and the Association of Natural Hair Professionals for the Atlanta Natural Hair Pop-Up Salon. We're bringing you live styling, workshops, swag bags, product reviews, BNS discounts, AND MORE all for free!!!!! Taking Place October 15th. Come out and see the founders of Capo Bella Inc. Anashia Tolliver and Porcha Henderson speak about the importance of self care and organization for your business from 6:00pm-7:00pm EST.  Register now via Atlanta Natural Hair Pop-Up Salon 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Atlanta Fashion Designers Presents: "Nature With Fashion: Fashion In the Gardens"

Capo Bella Inc. has teamed up with Atlanta Fashion Designers @atlantafashiondesigners sponsoring their upcoming fashion show "Nature With Fashion" that will be held Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at the Hudgens Center For Arts alongside Alexis Suitcase @alexissuitcase, Skinny Pop Popcorn @theskinnypop, Clark Atlanta University @cau1988, Be Naturally Successful and more hosted by Shorty Mack @shortymackatl of Hot 107.9FM!

"Atlanta Fashion Designers Fashion Show is a show that promotes Atlanta Fashion Designers and designers all around the world giving them a platform to showcase to our large audience. Atlanta Fashion Designers Fashion Show understands that there are so many talented designers out there that do not have a platform. The show aims to promote all upcoming designers and those already in the fashion industry. The Atlanta Fashion Designers team has put together a grand event for all designers and aspiring designers including models to be apart of the show. The benefit of the show not only promotes Fashion designers but creates awareness of the designers and enhances designers' boutiques or online stores."

 The event will also include a Sip N Shop where you can network and shop with all of the participants and sponsors of the show that is free of cost with the purchase of your fashion show ticket beginning at 2:00pm EST. Click the link Nature With Fashion Tickets or visit for more information on the fashion show, sip and shop, and tickets!


Meet Our New Community Partner - Be Naturally Successful

Be Naturally Successful is a Women’s Organization for Naturals Promoting Self-Love and Success.

Focus Principles: Natural Hair, Career, Wellness, Beauty

Operation: Workshops, Annual Seminars, Brand Ambassadors, Community Partners

Be Naturally Successful also holds annual seminars focusing on Natural Hair. The seminars include guest speakers, product specialists, health and wellness experts and career experts. They enrich the audience with small segmented speeches.

To learn more about our community partner visit

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Taste and Tell Expo - Atlanta, GA

Catch Capo Bella Inc. sponsoring the official Taste and Tell Expo in Atlanta, Georgia alongside celebrity Chef Ponder "Two time winner contestant on Food Network" and Chef Shay, owner of Divine Kuizine ,Inc. who will be hosting the first annual Taste and Tell Expo event Saturday, October 21st, 2017. This event is to bring awareness to living a healthy life style which in return helps your mental health. 
*A percentage of the proceeds will go to benefit the Mental Health America of Georgia*

What To Expect : Cooking Demos, Food Tastings, Education from Fitness Experts, Nutritionists, Life style Coaches and Mental Health issues. Live Music and Cocktails. An atmosphere for family and friends! To RSVP visit eventbrite to purchase your tickets today! - Eventbrite: Taste And Tell Expo 

For for information please contact

#WomanOfTheWeek - Shonda B. White

This week we would like to spotlight best selling author, blogger, public speaker, and relationship/life coach Shonda B. White! 

At a young age, Shonda Brown White always knew she had a call on her life to encourage, empower, and inspire other women. As a certified life coach, best selling author, blogger and speaker, Shonda challenges women – whether single, in a relationship or married – to live a purposeful life and to rise above the challenges we often experience. Dealing with her own obstacles and growth opportunities, Shonda shares real talk about life and love through her voice and her writing. Her inspirational messages have reached people across the world.
A native of Kentucky and a graduate of the University of Louisville, Shonda was raised in a single-parent home. She quickly learned how to navigate through life without a prominent earthly father figure she could look up to, and who would provide the security of a father she desperately craved and needed. Like most others, she made a lot of mistakes along the way, dealt with abandonment, trust issues and the constant search for love and self-love. Nevertheless, she persevered despite what the statistics said, and despite what others thought about her.
Shonda’s passion has led to multiple speaking engagements, book club interviews and features, and multiple broadcast appearances locally, nationally and internationally. Most recently she was featured on the nationally syndicated show – The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and ESSENCE Live. She channels and shares many of her life’s lessons through her blog, speaking engagements, books, and as a content contributor for national online publications. Visit to learn more about our #WomanOfTheWeek and to get familiar with her best selling book "Don't Be A Wife To A Boyfriend: 10 Lessons I Learned When I Was Single".

Friday, August 4, 2017

#WomanOfTheWeek - Andrena Phillips

To kick off our first #WomanOfTheWeek series, we would like to honor dynamic Master Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Published Author Andrena Phillips. She is the CEO and Founder of KeepMovinWithAndrena, LLC better known as the Rebuild Life Strategist.

Andrena helps women to rebuild and develop a blueprint so they can move from struggle to purpose both in their personal/professional goals without apologies. 

She is currently on a national tour titled #SheWinningWithAndrena which will make its way to Atlanta, GA September 30th, 2017. This intensive workshop is designed to empower, influence and propel YOU to YOUR next level of greatness.

Andrena will help you M.O.V.E (Moving ON Victoriously Empowered). This is not your average workshop
Where you hear the presenter talk, you write and then you go home. This intensive workshop is just that intensive. You will have the tools and resources in your hands to say hello to greatness, refreshments, and special gifts!
Come out ready to do the work that it takes because the Woman you’ve been looking for is desperately awaiting to emerge out of you!!
This tour is designed for:
 Women who feel stuck in their everyday life
 Women who have allowed rejection to define you
 Women who allowed low self-esteem to control who they are.
 Women who are ready by any means necessary to be who she is destined to be.

To be apart of this amazing experience with OUR #WomanOfTheWeek click the link for ticket info --->