Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Runway At The Symphony

This weekend!!! It's going down!!!
 Our community partner Be Naturally Successful is happy to announce our partnership with The Orchestra Noir. We will be volunteering to make runway at the symphony a memorable event. Get your tickets now at Ticketmaster. November 25 @ Center Stage, 8:00pm 


Meet Natalie Y. Weavers. Natalie is the Founder and President of the Angels of Epilepsy 501c3 Non Profit Organzation.

"Natalie Y. Beavers was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, who is a proud and dedicated mother to her two sons. Due to her several experiences dealing with this neurological condition and interacting with survivors, it encouraged her to start the Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation in 2008. Natalie is a true advocate for disability rights and a mentor to many survivors and their families around the world."

Capo Bella Inc. had the pleasure of sponsoring at the 9th Annual Angels of Epilepsy charity event and we couldn't have been more honored to work and advocate such an amazing cause alongside such an amazing woman.