Wednesday, March 14, 2018

#Womanoftheweek -Ebony Hammond

Meet Ebony Hammond




Founder of Essence of Beauty, owner of Island Seoul Cuisine and fitness enthusiast.

Ebony Hammond has mastered the art of turning your passion into your career and lives her life as a full-time entrepreneur.

With a culinary background Ebony first began cooking at an early age for friends and family. Once she discovered the value to her talent, she began cultivating her catering business. Starting out with standard menu items, she found her knack when she began to incorporate her island heritage into her cooking and put a twist on the traditional “empanada”.   




Last Year Essence of Beauty, a mentor-ship program dedicated to young teen girls, began its first annual curriculum. Essence of Beauty partnered with Boy and Girls club, Capo Bella Inc, Save Our Girls and more!!  Essence of Beauty will continue to service our youth and empower young girls to become strong women!!!







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