Thursday, March 1, 2018

#Womanoftheweek - DJ Milhouse!

Milan Alexandrea Bolar is DJ Milhouse. More than simply an American DJ, she is both brand ambassador and a creative force. Born in the early 90s within the city limits of Los Angeles, the decades have seen her grow geographically and artistically.  She now calls Atlanta’s music scene home – or at least her creative foundation.

Since 2015, DJ Milhouse has seized her passion for DJing and uses that raw energy to propel her aural desires.  Known in local circles for her sultry vibrations and authentic musical appreciate, she has boasted residencies at some Atlanta hot-spots.


 Milhouse’s artistic life is enrobed in music: a concoction of scintillating sets, varied playlists, and a discerning ear. Asserting her prowess over any genre she may come across, her playlists include House, Trap, EDM, Pop, Rock, and whatever else her mind deems suitable to spin in her turntable playground. 


Her vibe is unparalleled. 


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