Monday, January 8, 2018


Meet Kaysha Conley!!

Kaysha Conley is the owner of Kissmeco Cosmetics, a Licensed Esthetician, and Certified Lash Artist! (Based out of Little Rock, Arkansas)

"Kissmeco Cosmetics was founded on the dissatisfaction of normality in society and in the beauty industry. We not only captivate the women who wear the products but unapologetically inspire creativity within women of color while encouraging women
to embrace their individuality.
Along with creating products that will enhance beauty, we also believe in healthy skin underneath it all. We offer services that will cater your specific skin's needs to maintain your beauty."

Capo Bella Inc. wants to send a special shoutout to Kaysha for breaking beauty barriers, crafting 100% of her products BY HAND, and continuing to strive for the next bar in the beauty business with diversity.

To learn more about Kissmeco Cosmetics and other services provided by Kaysha  Conley visit

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