Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Recap From The Official Taste And Tell Expo!

Capo Bella Inc. wants to send a special shoutout to Chef Shay, Chef J Ponder, and the Mental Health America of Georgia organization for an amazing Taste And Tell Expo outcome and for having Capo Bella Inc. host your red carpet!

We enjoyed the demos and samples from ALL of the amazing chefs and brand owners, just to name a few: Chef Tea Inc, Cook It Up A Notch youth owner Ashalah Michelle, Chef Fab, Chef Millie, Author Ashleigh Guice and MORE! Not only did we experience great demos and samples, but we also got to receive some insightful stories and information during the Mental Health America of Georgia segment. We will continue to push positive messages in the community and mental health awareness. Taking care of Y.O.U first! 

Thank you to everyone who made this a huge success alongside Capo Bella Inc. and Chef Shay.



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