Thursday, April 25, 2019

#WomanoftheWeek- Fhonia Ellis



Designer & Tailor to the Stars

Fhonia Ellis, a self taught artist, has made herself a staple in the fashion and entertainment industry for a over a decade now. Her love for fashion began at a young age where she transformed "Mom Jeans" into living art! The Kentucky native moved to Atlanta, Ga to attend college and allowed her wings to spread!! 

Without the Behind the Scenes work that is done by artist such as Fhonia, we would not have some of our favorite iconic looks in fashion. You have seen Fhonia's work and tailoring services on celebrities such as Cardi B, Diddy, Chloe and Halle, Gunna and more!! 

In between fashion, Fhonia also uses her platform to inspire her social media following by sharing her journey.  Ms. Ellis a.k.a Fhi, spills the tea to you about work ethic, the proper ways to network and even how to obtain celebrity clientele if your in the fashion industry. 

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