Thursday, March 7, 2019

#WomanoftheWeek Octavia Toliver

🔼Cigar Enthusiast 🔼Fashionista 🔼Event Curator 


Meet Octavia Toliver better known as: HERficionado 💋

Octavia is a Florida native, who has dominated the nightlife scene here in Georgia for the past few years. Through her passion for cigars, fashion and love for empowering women, Octavia has created a platform for herself to inspire other women to embrace their love for the leaf: HERficionado

"She Smokes Too" is an event hosted by: "HERficionado where women and men can gather to discuss their love for cigars, network with like minded business individuals and enjoy the nightlife. Octavia wants to continue to introduce more women to the culture and create a safe haven for them to explore into the "Sisterhood of the Leaf".
You can keep up with Octavia Toliver on IG @HERficionado or stop by one of her curated events: #SheSmokesToo, #AtlantaCigarWeek,#DubaiCigarWeek
                                   you'll be sure to have a good time 😉 

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