Thursday, January 17, 2019

#Womanoftheweek - Kewana Christina


Creative /Dancer/Actress/Youth Mentor 

Meet Kewana Christina also known as Goddess KE. An Atlanta native with a pure genuine soul that once you meet, you'll want to be BFFs forever. 

Owner of Ladies Need Options, llc and creator of Goddess Groove. Kewana created the platform to help empower women while remaining true to their natural feminine allure. Kewana believes," In a world where women don't have options, the WOMAN is the option and should embrace her power!" 

Recently Kewana has joined forces with Essence of Beauty Mentor-ship program as a youth mentor. Essence of Beauty is a program that caters to young girls, providing them with the tools to become successful women. 
With the mentorship program Kewana helps to introduce new cultures through dance! Allowing a positive outlet for young girls and being a positive influence. 

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