Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Simple Branding Tips To Start Your New Year Off Right!

Going into 2019 as we ALL are learning how to take our business/brands to the next level, we wanted to share some simple key points to recenter your brand! There's no particular way to do things when it comes to your personal business journey. Do what's best for YOU! Here are a few tips that we follow that are pretty straight to the point that we think could help you kickoff your New Year! Xoxo -Capo Bella Inc
  1. Determine your target audience (Who are you marketing to? Age? Industry?) 
  2. Establish a brand mission statement (What's your purpose and growing mission?)
  3. Research brands within your industry/niche (What marketing/ad strategies are they using? How are they reaching their targets?)
  4. Offer KEY qualities & benefits (What makes your brand in your industry stand out from others? What are you offering that can benefit your audience/members that will make them keep coming back?)
  5. Form a "brand voice"

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